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Victoria LK Williams

Sun, Sand & Stories Publishing LLC

I'm so glad you've stopped by. I can't wait for you to help me solve the crime. I love mysteries, the beach and animals; and you'll find all of these in my books. I write Tropical Cozy Mysteries-With A Twist. The twist might be a touch of romance, a paranormal element or a red herring or two. In case you have forgotten, Cozy Mysteries are clean and safe for most ages. You'll find no swearing or sex in my books (my mom reads them-I'd be mortified if she read a sex scene I wrote!). There will be no gory scenes either, there is enough in the real world.

I want you, my reader, to feel like you're sitting down with an old friend, ready to gossip and solve the crime that has the local officials stumped. So pick out a book, grab your favorite chair and get comfy.
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