Victoria LK Williams

Sun, Sand & Stories Publishing LLC

Citrus Beach Mysteries 

Reader Reviews

​​​​Murder for Neptune's Trident
Great Mystery  "Wonderful plot, characters, suspense, a little romance wrapped in a charming small town.  I recommend "Murder for Neptune's Trident."  This book captured my attention from the beginning and never waived. It's a good read."
Excellent story, highly recommend "Excellent story, well written, made me feel I was there.  I was involved in the story-line from the very beginning until the end."
Love Small Town Mysteries! "This book starts out as a pleasant visual read that lulls you along like a quiet Sunday afternoon.  There's nothing to alarm you, and you're visualizing what's happening as the author writes.  It quickly picks up speed and your heart starts fluttering as the action kicks in. It's like sitting on your porch in the summertime,drinking tea and then hearing a gunshot go off.  I have always been attracted to small town mysteries and Murder fot Neptune's Trident never fails to deliver.  Great plot and character development that pulled me in right from the beginning, and I look forward to her next book. If you want to escape real life for a few hours, this is for you.  Highly recommend!"
Enjoyed this new series "I felt like I was right there with the characters as they worked together to solve this mystery.  The author's descriptions of this small coastal town were right on. There was just enough romance to keep me interested, but not take away from the character's task of finding out who did the killing and why.  An easy read that kept you interested right up to the end. As a new author I felt she did a really good job and I will diffidently read her next book in this series."

Scent of a Mystery
Highly Recommended, Great Read "Excellent story-line, I also read the first novel in this series and enjoyed it. Very developed and believable. A fun read that leaves you feeling good."
Enjoyable! "Scent of a Mystery was an enjoyable read...All in all, I enjoyed this book. The characters seemed real to me and the plot was one that could happen.  Nice Job, Victoria LK Williams"
Five Stars "A funny, great book, could not wait to turn the page. Love that dog!!!"
Great Storytelling "Loved this book, it keeps you guessing"
Great Story "A great read! Couldn't wait for this one, now can't wait for next one. My new favorite author. Most excellent.

Murder at the Geo-Cache

 A Great Cozy Series!  "I truly enjoy this author & series. Yes, I counted about 5 editing errors but they were minor & didn't take away from the story. I like the characters of Megan & Aiden. I can't wait to watch as their relationship progresses on future books. This is a fun cozy mystery series & definitely deserves your time!"
Enjoyable   "Really enjoyed the Geo Cache story. Kept my interest until the end. Couldn't put it down until I finished. Looking forward to future books. Congratulations! Hope the future brings many more"

Run-A-Way for Christmas
A Great Christmas Story! "This is not your traditional cozy murder mystery. I don't want to give the plot away as it is much more satisfying to let the story unfold as you read. I will say that I found myself immersed in the story immediately. In fact, I read it in one sitting! It was quite an intriguing plot with lots of twists & turns & a very satisfying ending that had me tearing up & full of holiday cheer."