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~Writing Cozy Mysteries with a Tropical Twist~

 ​​To me, reading is as important as breathing!  If I'm not reading, then you will find me writing or plotting.  I grew up on Nancy Drew Mysteries and believe me, growing up in upstate New York, there were plenty of cold days to curl up with a book!  But now,  my home is in a small town in sunny south Florida, and I still love to read.  Cozy mysteries are what I love most, and I have fun writing them. I share my quiet life with my husband of 37 years and two controlling cats. 

My hubby has created a lovely garden for me to look out and enjoy as I write. My thoughts often wander away from the stories as I watch the birds and squirrels at the feeders. The cats, Miss Marple and Fletch, each have a spot on my desk. I have yet to figure out if they sit there to be with me or to watch the action outside the window!

My Citrus Beach Mysteries reflects quite a bit of myself-I love cats & dogs, and own a gardening business.  The  Sister Station Series reflects the setting of my youth and both show a love for small townships, where neighbors look out for each other. And Storm Voices brings a mystic touch to my writing. Mrs. Avery's Adventures will capture my love of people watching-only she uses a camera. And then there is the  Novella series Tattle-Tale Mysteries-because everyone loves to gossip, and you can find out the best news over a cup of coffee! Ever wonder about the truth behind a legend? In the Beach House Mysteries, you will find murder and mermaids. I have also been thrilled to be part of several cozy mystery anthologies. I love working with other cozy authors and talk murder!

Because I love to garden, and since it is such a major part of my life, I also write a gardening blog called "Gossip from the Southern Garden." There is a second blog I write, which is all about my journey as a writer.

I hope that you will enjoy reading my books, ​as much as I have had writing them.

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Happy Reading,

​Victoria LK Williams